Why Make Cleaning Your Hot Tub Or Spa Hard Work?

Surely one of the aims of having your own hot tub or spa is being able to relax and enjoy it, however, if you are spending unnecessary time on cleaning it then it’s never going to happen. Why make hard work for yourself when you could use one of a number of efficient and easy to use spa vacs?

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The Right Vac For The Job…

If you have one of the smaller hot tubs that are available then a small and simple spa vac would do the job perfectly well. The Micro Vac 2 which is manufactured from durable plastic may be a good choice. For those with a larger spa then a larger spa vac would be a much better idea. Take a look at the Pool Blaster Catfish to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This spa vac is unlike any other of its kind on the market at the moment with its strong suction and cleaning power to make light work of the job. Although larger than some of the other types available it is still small enough to clean spas, pools, fountains and hot tubs with ease, and even though it comes as standard with an 8 inch vacuum head to tackle large areas, this can be removed for easy spot cleaning. Powered by re-chargeable batteries you are in no danger of getting tied up with a lead or cord and will get around an hour of continuous use. It can also be used with a Telescopic Pool Pole for larger pools and swim spas.

One gadget you shouldn’t be without is the Grit Gitter. A great solution for picking up small amounts of debris and easy to keep close by due to its small and compact size. Simply hold over the debris, squeeze the gadget and the grit and debris is removed; a great product to use.