What To Do And What Not To Do In Local Seo 2016

Search Engine Optimization is not an activity anymore. It’s a big chain that connects many different marketing methods. A holistic strategy is important to drive visitors to your website. Local SEO is one of many such links of that big chain, attracting the visitors in SERPs.

When it comes to online marketing, revisiting strategies is more frequent than any other activity, and that’s because of the continuous and frequent changes in viral trends. Businesses tend to make periodic changes in their SEO strategies to cover all aspects of online marketing and make it apt with their local audience. While they do it, they need a better strategy to survive in the competition. If you are looking for top search engine optimization companies Toronto for local SEO, you can consult Webryze.ca.

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There are strings attached with local SEO and following do’s and don’ts will help you understand the important factors that influence search results.

Do Optimize NAP

NAP includes your name, address and phone number of your business, all must be unique.

In order to get yourself fit in local business searches, you need to optimize your NAP data in Google My Business Page.

Make sure that each of these details corresponds exactly to your business so that Google aptly categorizes your brand in local searches.


Don’t Forget to Categorize Your Business Appropriately

Failure to properly categorize your business in Google My Business Page leaves Google clueless about nature of your business. So, when a user searches for your services, Google will not be able to track you as a matching business and rather show your competitor in the SERP.

While registering your page for the next time, mention relevant categories to help Google easily locate you.

Do Create a Mobile-Centric SEO Strategy

A mobile-friendly website is a major factor in your success with the local businesses. Google has already announced that Mobile searches have superseded desktop searches by a significant difference.

mobile-centric strategy is even more helpful for local SEO, because portable devices are integrated with GPI system. This capability automatically directs users about a particular location. A mobile-friendly web design will not only increase your visibility, but it also ranks you higher in local search results.

Rebrand your website to make it apt with mobile visitors.

Don’t’ Forget to Optimize NAP Data in Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

The NAP data needs to be optimized in meta description and title tags. For local searches, Google looks for title tags and Meta description to extract business and location details of a company.

Therefore, you need to add business name, address and keywords in both title tags and Meta description.

Note: phone numbers are not always mentioned while optimizing for on-site SEP. However, you can even mention the phone number if it is appropriate.

Do Use Right URL for Google My Business Page

Having more than one website is a way to appear in different search queries, for online businesses.

When it comes to optimizing for Google My Business Page, you need to be selective with using URLs of your websites. In this context, you only need to mention URL of website that has your location map and business address.

When optimizing pages for multiple websites, you need to make sure that the URL takes visitors on the corresponding website and does not just redirect on a single website.

Don’t Get Citations from Low-Profile Sites

Citations are important in keeping your website higher in local search results, but there is no need asking for citations from low-ranked websites. It will only hurt your standing as a business and will affect your rankings in SERP.

Do Create Unique and Location-Centered Landing Pages

Local SEO is only effective when it is optimized with right content that matches the taste of your target audience. If your landing pages are not relevant with your fine-grained audience, how can you induce your visitors to take interest in your services? You need a unique landing page to catch attention of your leads.

Instead of using the same landing pages for each of your websites, tweak it according to preferences of your local audience.

Optimize keywords that are searchable within specific location of your business.

Throw offers and packages that could tempt your specific audience within a specific area.

Don’t Make Changes in NAP Data Unnecessarily

Once your business gains traction in local audience, you might want to change your business and address details. However, it will result in a wait of several days before Google could authenticate your standing as a local business and put you on the top slot in SERP.

Resist the urge to update the NAP information.

Change these critical details only when it is genuinely needed.


If you want to beat your competition this year, you need to apply the above-mentioned tips in your SEO marketing strategy.