What makes workaholics fall in love with Dubai?

What makes workaholics fall in love with Dubai?

The great flux of businesses in Dubai has increased the number of people exploring their career opportunities. Therefore, the booming demand for work in the city has made Dubai a nucleus for workaholics. Workaholics crave nothing more than a peace of mind that would allow them to dedicate themselves to their work, and Dubai being the hub of commercial activities, is loaded with workaholics. Due to a great number of work-possessed people in the city, the landlords have realized the requirement of places that aim to encourage these people, and so there are always properties like Madinat Jumeirah living and other popular food spots for the workaholics of Dubai to relieve their stress after work.

The Irish Village

If you are someone who does not fancy the super formal atmosphere of your office, where constant noise of buttons and prints assault your ears, then The Irish Village of Dubai is a place designed for you, in this place everyone easily finds themselves at home. With subtle Irish music playing and friendly chatter echoing in the background, this small Ireland in the middle of Dubai is curated to uplift the spirits of workers. In addition to amazing ambience, this traditional wooden café is famous for its excellent beer.

Friends Avenue Café

Friends Avenue café at Jumeirah Lake Towers is founded by three young guys from Uzbekistan who wanted to try their business venture in Dubai, and now have successfully achieved their dream, as this café has become one of the most successful cafés of Dubai adding to the lucrative Jumeirah Lake Towers. It has beautiful Manhattan inspired interiors and outstanding food. Moreover, they offer vegan food which is sort of a rarity in Dubai.

The Gourmet Deli Co.

With an immaculate surrounding that strikes a balance between functionality and design, The Gourmet Deli Co. is one of the top places workaholics like to spend their time in. Furthermore, this place is quintessential for people who like to treat themselves with hearty meals like soups, gourmet sandwiches, pies, quiches and mouth-watering salad concoctions, after consuming themselves in their work.  To further enhance their customers’ experience, this offers its customers to sit at the top of their double-decker bus and munch their food while working without a care in the world.

Café Rider

With the fragrance of caffeine hanging in the cosy warm air and shiny bikes sitting idly in the corners, Café Rider is curated in a fashion that makes you immediately feel at adventures. It is a café that makes you feel charged and makes you want to carry your laptop and immerse yourself in your task. Famous for serving a number of excellent mocha, latte and cappuccino, this is the place for you if you like to accompany a mug of coffee while working.  Another feature that makes Café rider an absolute favourite is its huge table and mezzanine flooring that provide its customers to sit on the floor with their laptops and have a group discussion regarding the work. This establishment is situated in Warehouse 7, making its location one of the perfect homes for workaholics.

A4 Space

A4 Space is a food spot that has taken into consideration everything a regular required individual requires. With high-speed internet, multiple charging outlets, bookshelves and board games, this place is a fantasy for people whose work holds paramount importance in their lives. Remote workers are, oftentimes, seen in this spot sitting and even laying idly with their laptops. To compensate for the sedentary lifestyle of the digital workers, A4 space offers a variety of tasty salads to make their customers feel invigorated. Found at the centre of Alserkal Avenue, this food spot adds market value to the avenue.

Clinton Street Baking

Located at Downtown Dubai, the Clinton Street baking is designed to meet the needs of remote workers who are in habit of munching while working. This place has a lull to provide a noise-free environment and is known for its exceptional American classics like fried chicken, waffles and burgers, but its speciality lies in its pancakes. This café is now one of the favourites among locals due to the exceptional quality of its food.

If you like to add some spice and sugar to your working days, getting a place near the food spots should be the way to go or if you have other ways of enjoying life then places like Emaar Beachfront would certainly be your first choice.