Types Of Pregnancy Pillows Depending Upon Shape And Size!

Pregnancy pillows have gained importance in a couple of years because a mom to be can have comfortable sleeping positions at night with the help of these pillows and thus they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose the best for your body. You can get an idea from this article about some of the types of pregnancy body pillows available;

C-Shaped Body pillows or Full body pillows:

These type of pillows as the name indicates are the types designed to cover the whole body of pregnant women so that she can wrap it around her back, belly and keep a part between her legs for additional support to ankles and feet. They often have C shape for the edges of C to come between the legs and under your head and the body of C supporting your back. These are normally suited for a side sleeper and thus not great if you like to sleep on your back.

EC5Q4079-L-Shape.jpg (784×523)

Wedge pregnancy pillows:

These are wedge shape and unlike pregnancy body pillow designed for the whole body, they can be placed under your belly or behind your back to provide comfort at these areas and they can be easily taken with you during traveling and easily come on a bed without requiring huge space. These are perfect for women who only want additional support at certain parts of their body and not for the whole body

U-shaped body pillow:

This one again is designed to cover the whole body of mother and it also helps in taking care of your kids when they are born such as wrapping the U at your back and taking twins on each side of the U-shaped pillow and can be very comfortable providing support to all areas of body such as back, belly, legs, neck etc. The downside of these is that they are quite big and bulky and may cover a lot of your bed space.

Bean shaped body pillows:

These type of pillows are designed often to come in pairs with a strap so that one-half comes at the back and the other at the front of the pregnant woman who can use the straps to tie them according to her size to provide support to her back and belly. These are also not for whole body support.