Fashion industry have a greater influence to most people on what color, styles and Cannabidiolcbd a person’s hair could be. You see that these days, being bald is no longer something you could hide forever. The truth is that bald is one of the stylistic trend these days. Women on the other hand opt to wear hair extensions on some occasions, have their hairs colored/dyed and wear wigs on special events. You can never tell which is real because of so many options available for both sexes.

However, with the growing obsession to hair dyeing, many people lost their good and vibrant hair in the long run. Some of the common problems related to extreme hair coloring are the drying of hair and of course, losing of its natural elements. Researches found out that a dry hair lacks the essential natural content and the moist the hair should possess to maintain its health and smoothness.

Other damage of extreme hair coloring is that it weakens the hairs’ attachment to an individual’s scalp. For this reason, the around 150,000 individual strands of hair lose their good grip on the person’s scalp, lose the shimmer and strength.

But that’s not all. There are also physical factors why a person’s hair weakens in the long run. Understandably, there are people who are originally having weak hair strands. Further, with the adoption of fashion and application of aggressive hair chemicals eventually could lead to hair breakage and the worse is hair lost permanently.

What are the other factors why others lose their beautiful hair? The following can be seriously considered:

o Excessive and inappropriate use of blow drier

o Application of harsh and aggressive hair detergents for dying purposes

o Inappropriate combing or inappropriate choice of comb or brush

o Menkes kinky hair syndrome

o Hyperthyroidism can be a great contributor in hair loss or drying of hair

o Deficiency in vitamin k like anorexic status

o Extreme exposure to sunlight or pollutants

Given the above factors, it’s important for you to take care of your hair. As you all know, the hair adds up to your personality and a good hair indicates good crown for its owner so why waste or abuse it to its destruction? Taking care of your hair is very simple. All you need to have is take time to understand the reasons why your hair drying. You may want to discuss this with a trusted health care provider for you to get the best possible assistance.

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