Tips And Tricks For Buying Bar Tables And Chairs

Since the lockdown started in 2020, many of us have come to the idea of decorating our home as an office or a more comfortable place for entertaining guests. If you’re one of those individuals, and are considering decorating your home as a bar or a reminder of your favourite place to hang out with your friends, keep reading because we’re about to share the best tips when choosing bar tables and bar chairs for your home.

What needs to be considered when investing in bar tables?

Whether you’re redecorating your home into a bar or opening your own bar, when it comes to bar tables, there are a lot of details that need to be taken under consideration.

First you need to measure the space where bar tables would be located. Once you have measured the space, it will be easier to decide on the number of bar tables and bar chairs you need. It doesn’t really matter if you’re going into the bar business or decorating your own home into a bar – also consider the space between tables, so that your guests can feel welcome and comfortable.

If you’re dealing with limited space, the best choice would be round bar tables. The square bar tables are not as practical as the round ones and can make your space feel smaller than it actually is.

Another detail you should keep in mind is the purpose for your bar tables. For example, if you’re running a cafe or you want that small cafe atmosphere in your home, there is no need for big bar tables. They should be large enough for your customer’s needs and not any larger.

If the area for your home bar is smaller, maybe consider countertops or bars. They are great space savers and can visually lift your designated bar area to another level. Also, countertops are much easier to sustain and keep clean.

In case you’re decorating a restaurant then large bar tables are the best choice.

Another important fact is the mobility of tables and chairs. Bar tables and bar chairs need to be both strong enough to provide a feeling of stability and light enough so that they can be easily moved around. This characteristic comes in handy when you have a bigger party of guests that wish to sit together.

Choosing the right bar chairs

Next in line are bar stools and chairs. As usual, there is a lot to choose from, so it’s best to do your research thoroughly. You wouldn’t want your bar furniture sending mixed messages be it to your guests or friends.

Do you have a countertop in your kitchen or a bar? They can be very practical – for serving any meal when you don’t want to use the formal dining table, or displaying snacks and drinks when you’re welcoming people to your home. Bars and countertops can make any kitchen look interesting and give that comfortable atmosphere you need when enjoying your meal or a drink.

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If your bar area is larger, then countertops can be limiting. Countertops and bars are usually connected to a wall or a post and cannot be moved or reorganised as bar tables. A bigger space would look even bigger and unused properly.

Bar chairs or bar stools?

Bar stools would definitely look better combined with a countertop or a bar. On the other hand, bar chairs can be perfectly arranged with bar tables, even if they’re not a part of the same bar set.

Both stools and bar chairs are used for the same purpose, come in different shapes and sizes and can be ordered for custom production. However there is one important difference between the two. Bar chairs have a back support and bar stools don’t. Bar stools are usually round, they have no back support and the height can be adjusted. They are a perfect match for a countertop or a home bar. They can be fixed or can swivel in a circle.

bar chairs do have a proper back support and the specs cannot be altered. Even though you cannot adjust them for each individual, they are better for longer sitting and chatting, while enjoying your drink or a meal. Another difference is that you can slide on and off a bar stool easily which would prevent any scratches on the floor.

Bar chairs usually have a place where you can rest your arms, which is another comforting fact for the ones that wish to enjoy their time without any interruptions.
Also, our advice would be opting for the cushioned and upholstered bar chairs.

You can always decide to buy a bar set that consists of matching bar tables and chairs but what would be the fun in that? Combining between various items means investing a little of your style in the decision and more often than not, this is a key aspect the guest looks for. Individuality.

Bar sets or combined bar furniture

It is definitely easier to buy a bar set. Like we’ve mentioned before, this decision would be practical and no one could say that your bar furniture doesn’t match.

However, choosing the items one by one can be fun and it will encourage your creativity. In this case you can go wild, mixing and matching various colors, sizes and shapes in your home bar or business.

Your customers or friends will appreciate your personal influence on the surroundings. is a special site where you can find all kinds of furniture, including bar tables and bar chairs. Make the best of your online shopping with us, we guarantee the best prices on the market and deliver all over Croatia.