The Significance of Safeguarding Against Identity Theft During Travel 

Travelling is an exciting experience that allows you to explore new places, cultures, and people. However, it is crucial to ensure your personal and financial safety while travelling to to fully enjoy the experience.

One major risk that many travellers encounter is identity theft, where someone acquires your personal information and uses it for fraudulent activities.

This article will discuss common identity thefts while travelling and ways to safeguard yourself against them.

Apart from safeguarding yourself from identity theft, consider buying a travel protection plan, that is, the best travel insurance for a more enjoyable travel experience.

What is Identity Theft? 

Identity theft refers to the unauthorised use of your personal information by someone else while travelling. It is when a fraudster or a criminal steals a person’s personal information without obtaining their permission.

Identity theft can be witnessed in different forms, and travellers may face several risks. Hence, it is crucial to know a few common identity thefts one can encounter while travelling.

Many insurance providers offer coverage against identity theft under their travel policy. Senior citizens can opt for travel insurance for senior citizens tailored specifically to their needs.

Common Identity Theft Risks While Travelling 

With the advancement of technology, the level of crimes has become more sophisticated and often results in a major loss.

Credit card fraud: This is the most common type of identity theft while travelling. Your credit card has the chance of being easily stolen and is much more susceptible to unauthorised purchases. This theft can be done through credit card skimming or as a data breach about your stored information.

Hotel room theft: Criminals can get unauthorised access to your hotel rooms to steal personal belongings or sensitive documents if they are left unattended.

ATM fraud: ATM card skimmers are gadgets that look like ATMs or swipe machines. These devices typically skim through your cards and collect the information and PINs, ultimately resulting in counterfeiting. Criminals use your card information to make unethical purchases, which can cause significant damage to your financial and emotional health.

Importance of Guarding Against Identity Theft

Identity theft protection is crucial for safeguarding your personal and financial information from unauthorised use or exploitation. So keep in mind the below-discussed aspects for providing better coverage:

Financial Security: Identity theft can result in financial losses. These thefts can be done through unauthorised transactions, fraudulent credit card activities, etc. Protecting against identity theft helps in safeguarding your financial resources.

Privacy: Identity theft breaches your personal privacy and gives you access to your sensitive personal details. Guarding against this theft can help maintain privacy and control your personal data.

Legal impact: These thefts may also cause legal complications, which may include disputes with creditors, proving yourself innocent, etc.

Well-being: If you encounter identity theft during your trip, your entire travel plan goes for a toss. Apart from financial setbacks, the incident can be emotionally distressing, affecting your overall well-being.

How to Safeguard Yourself from Identity Theft while Travelling?

Credit Card

  • Keep the cards in a safe place where they cannot fall out easily or can be snatched.
  • Ensure you enable only PIN or OTP-based transactions so that if your credit card is stolen, you will not be able to use it.
  • If you ever notice that your credit card is missing, immediately contact your bank and ask to block it.

Mobile Phone Theft

  • Set up a biometric screening and never store passwords and plain texts randomly.
  • Make sure to carry your smartphone safely to minimise the chances of losing it.
  • In case your phone gets stolen, make sure to file an FIR immediately.
  • Deactivate the SIM cards and erase all the data remotely so there are no chances of a data breach.

Card Skimming 

  • Check for any unusual attachments, loose parts, or signs of tampering with the machine.
  • Prefer ATMs located in well-lit and busy areas, such as inside banks, marketplaces, etc. Also, avoid using ATMs during the night, unless during emergencies.
  • Set up alerts on your bank accounts and credit cards to receive notifications for transactions.
  • Prefer using mobile wallets, which are a much more common practice nowadays.
  • Always check your bank account and get frequent statements to keep track.


Awareness of various identity theft tactics is crucial as criminals constantly seek out vulnerable individuals who may not be knowledgeable about the risks and consequences of identity theft.

Above-discussed are some of the ways to protect yourself from identity theft during travelling. Moreover, do not forget to get a travel insurance plan before embarking on your journey to safeguard yourself against various other potential risks and uncertainties. Travel insurance protection offers peace of mind, ensuring you enjoy your trip to the fullest.