The most effective method to Get a Russian Traveler Visa

I ventured out to Russia all alone, without the assistance of a visit administrator. Thus, I needed to apply for a Russian Traveler Visa myself.

Russia REQUIRES a greeting letter to begin the visa interaction. In the event that you are reserving through a planner or visit administrator they can assist you with getting the cycle rolling making things smoother for you.

Be that as it may, assuming you are voyaging freely as I did, you really want to sort out some way to get it all alone.

This is the way I made it happen.

Russian Site St. Petersburg Guide

I utilized St. Petersburg Guide for $19.99 USD per individual with quick circle back help in two or three days. I then went to the Russian Office site for my region in the USA and finished up the Russian visa application structure. In the wake of adhering to every one of the guidelines and finishing up the structures, I sent my application off alongside the $193 expense in a clerks check. After seven days I got my identification face to face with the visa page embedded and was all set to Russia!

Permit Sufficient opportunity

I did this around 2 months ahead of my movement.

I got a traveler visa which is legitimate for as long as 30 days. The dates you state on your visa application should be inside that time period. For instance, I picked July 15 to August 15 as my dates of movement yet really showed up on July eighteenth and left on August third. They are severe about not believing the voyager should enter BEFORE the underlying date expressed, nor could you at any point leave AFTER the date expressed.

Get Your Relocation Card Upon Appearance in Russia

When you enter the lines you will get a relocation card. A little piece of paper fits inside your identification. (Try not to lose it!) You utilize that relocation card to enlist in somewhere around 7 days of your appearance. They are severe about that as well. Normally your lodging can do this help for nothing. However, for my situation, I had leased a condo from so I had the option to utilize the administrations of St. Once more, petersburg guide.

St. Petersburg Guide organized to go to the Mailing station to acquire the stamp and carry the card to me. This was generally useful as I don’t communicate in Russian capably and didn’t have any desire to remain in a line day in and day out. I consented to meet Max, the contact, at the neighborhood Starbucks to recover my card. That’s all there was to it.