They say that chocolate is higher than cellular phones, right? Well, maybe that is not the precise adage. Cell phone producer LG need to have misunderstood the vintage announcing due to the fact they decided to combine the richness of chocolate with a mobile phone version.

This cellphone is fairly fashionable with a reflect-like shine that screams “Fifth Avenue.” The sleek, black layout of this sliding cellphone with its glowing purple buttons works nicely as both a women’s accessory or a person’s toy. Its layout has genuinely earned the LG KG800 Chocolate the 2006 IF Design Award in Germany. Good good fortune maintaining fingerprints off it, although.

LG brings into the vanguard a new keypad feature that makes use of conductivity, as an alternative then urgent, to set off a button. This is exquisite if you are exceptional careful along with your smartphone but steel objects and moist fingers, or even moistness within the pouch, can harm the sensors. The keypad deactivates when the phone is closed and if you have related a call to avoid accidental rubbings against your cheek or internal wallet.

Slider telephones are frequently incorrect for clam-fashion however not so with the Chocolate. The sliding mechanism locks whilst it’s miles closed so there is no grabbing the pinnacle half of and yanking it open.

The simplest real hassle with the keypad, store the moisture or metallic sensitivity, is that the buttons are rather small. Ladies (or guys) with dainty, small palms may not in all likelihood notice this but guys (or girls) with massive fingers and fingers maximum simply will. The 1-2-3 buttons are hard to press for huge palms as properly, since the pinnacle slides up so it just uncovers this pinnacle row of buttons. Some customers won’t notice, others will. Make certain you check pressure it earlier than you signal a agreement.

Of path, if you are looking into choosing up the LG KG800 Chocolate to apply as a telephone, in addition to a style accent, then you will want to recognise approximately it is functionality. The battery existence is far less than LG advertises, however it truly is to be anticipated with nearly any mobile phone these days. LG claims 16 days standby however you may likely best see half of that. Charging the cellphone requires opening the telephone, making it vulnerable to harm.

You’ll be able to see a huge variety of shiny shades on the Chocolate, greater than many other elegant phones. LG gives 262,000 colors compared to simply sixty five,000 on different fashions. Corners are sharp and pictures do not suffer from cellular-cellphone haziness.

The buttons and menus are not intuitive, even if you are acquainted with LG gadgets. Expect to spend some serious time – up to 4 hours – fiddling round with the smartphone while analyzing the manual. For the primary few days you might locate it a bit cumbersome but you will probable trap on pretty quickly. Once you get it down and realize the way to use it, you’ll find the menus response time may be very speedy. This telephone isn’t plagued with the sluggish menus of other phones available on the market.

As for software capabilities, there isn’t a lot new here. You’ll get the standard messaging, report surfing, games and plenty of covered sounds. You can download greater games, MP3s and other song documents in addition to ringtones and menu sounds fantastically sincerely. You gets e-mail, a nice-sound MP3 participant and an internet browser in addition to Java, still photo and video capture. The smartphone ebook holds up to a thousand contacts. The LG Chocolate is Bluetooth enabled.