Top Benefits Of Marriage Counselling Toronto!

To have a successful married life it takes lots of efforts from both sides. However, there are times when some issues are unsolvable between couples. These issues become so big that couples stop talking, argue all the times, anger and resentment all the time and distance themselves.


Even if so much is happening, still they want to give their marriage a second chance. This is where the need for relationship therapist and marriage counselor like Ellen Starr Marriage Counselling arises. Many people think that it is a mere waste of money and time, but the fact is that at times marriages require the third perspective.

Marriage counselling services can prove to be beneficial in several ways. Here are the benefits of opting such services.

  • Relationship therapists ask couples to first narrate all their issues in a safe environment. This allows the couple to speak out their problems in front of the professionals without any conflicts.
  • At the time of counselling the couples can speak about the problem honestly, without fighting and without hurting the spouse. This helps them to learn how to be honest and open about the feelings to each other.
  • These professional teach the couples the productive way to deal with their conflicts rather than bringing in all the ill feelings. With this, the couples will learn to discuss their problem calm and rationally.
  • By taking up marriage counselling Toronto services you can learn to work out the conflict in a very responsible manner. They help to improve your communication skills. With this, you start to listen to your spouse and also understand their feeling and thoughts.
  • Relationship skills are learned through the therapies which help the couple to take every step together to lead a happy married life. The counselor will monitor the progress of couples and offer feedback.
  • Counselling helps to know your spouse better. This helps you to know their expectations for a smooth marriage. Also, you will be able to know yourself better.
  • Through marriage counselling one can know whether both of them are interested in working out their relation or only one of them is interested. This gives a clear idea if the relationship will go further or not.
  • Therapists help couples to develop a plan together for managing good relationship with each other. This also helps in planning factors such as jobs, finances, kids, etc.
  • In case the couple is heading for divorce, the couple will get a fair idea about the decision after counselling. With this, there will be no regrets of not been able to save their marriage.

These are some of the benefits couples can get from the marriage counselling. However, these benefits can be reaped only if you have selected a right and licensed therapists.

To search for the right counselling services there are many factors that you need to consider like years of experience, license, training skills, budget, etc. You should never select the counsellor whom you come across first rather check out a few of them and make a comparison. Comparison helps you to find the best one.

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Types of Therapies and their Effects on Patients



Psychotherapists are different because they have a unique reference point which is based on human behaviors, attitudes and feelings. They have unique theories and they don’t hesitate to change their views, if they see something contradicting. They’re flexible because they study humans and their brains. According to them, people don’t act because they like to, they do so because they were trained in that particular manner. And they’re trained by nature – life experiences, surroundings, their own observation and their feelings.

Difference-Between-Counselling-and-Psychotherapy-2.jpg (500×335)

They are trained to live in a certain manner which can be changed, if their brains are being fed with new information. This goes to show how powerful our brain is and how it adapts itself to changes in environment and external factors. But people don’t change in seconds, they need therapy and counselling.

To resolve mental issues of their patients, psychotherapists deploy different kinds of techniques and methods. It depends upon their qualification and knowledge what the prescribe for a particular problem. For example, Toronto therapists prefer to use therapy over medication. They may apply the combination of both, depending upon the criticality of issue.

So, if you’re going through stress, emotional pain, psychological disorder, depression or anxiety, licensed psychotherapists at Ellen psychotherapy Toronto will guide you towards a normal and contended life. This article is about different methods used by Toronto licensed therapists to ensure peace of mind.

  1. Behavior Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on modifying behaviors to modify patient’s feelings. Behavior therapy is based on observing the patient under different social situations. The patient is exposed to different social activities.Upon seeing unexpected behavior, the therapist tries to change his behavior to make him comfortable dealing with certain problems.

Thus, behavior therapy is destined to replace undesirable behavior of the patientwith desirable one.

  1. Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy relies on the theory, “We feel what we think”. Many people with depression have wrong beliefs and they relate their lives to negative events. Commonly, they observe light in Black & White and are more interested in negative aspect of any event.

Cognitive therapy seeks to change their direction of thoughts by confronting and challenging those flawed thoughts. It seeks to show them brighter side of life and helps them enjoy.

  1. Family Therapy

Family therapy includes solution oriented sessionswhere a therapist talks to the patient and his family members. A session may be conducted in group, or one-to-one style, depending upon the problem.

Family issues exist everywhere and sometimes family members fail to resolve certain problems, or they fail to adjust their behaviors to maintain a good environment. They may not know how someone in the family get affected by their behaviors. If you have family issues, consult licensed therapists Toronto.

  1. Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal relationships can improve or demolish a personality. Since interpersonal relationship exist everywhere, within the family, friends and office, they are obvious reasons for depression, tension, stress hypertension. Interpersonal therapy deals with how the patient behaves with his family, relatives, friends, peers or with a stranger. Therapist identifies where the problem lies, and remove the element of fear, hatred, anger or any other overwhelming feeling associated with it.