Just back from nine days in Guatemala, and notion I’d jot down a funniest-place.com few observations and impressions of the location. Having no prior knowledge, I had few expectations even though I will admit that I had a few biases primarily based on its place nestled beside Mexico.

I now recognize why Central America generally and to some extent Guatemala is so popular with Americans and particularly retirees. First, the climate is fantastic and in fact more accommodating than Florida, as its elevation above sea level provides a greater temperate climate and much less humidity, as a minimum at some stage in its dry season. Second, the humans are friendly and difficult-operating. Third, the cost of residing is inexpensive. Fourth, inside the case of buddies Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama, English is spoken everywhere (now not proper in Guatemala).

Among my largest surprises (despite the fact that I knew Guatemala turned into a negative united states) become the truth that the roads are horrendous, and the driving is even worse. Between the astounding topography (thanks to mountains shaped eons ago by earthquakes and volcanoes) and the reality that the extensive majority of roads are both cobblestone or dust, tour around the usa ain’t smooth. And there may be no railroad or mass transit of any kind, possibly due to the topography, unless you depend the lots of “chicken buses” the locals take to get round. (Chicken buses are yellow college buses from the us that have been artistically and uniquely painted and used to transport people and all types of cargo, together with farm animals, therefore the name.) It turned into not unexpected to study that Guatemala ranks 116 in paved roads with a trifling four,700 kilometers (less than three,000 miles) of paved roads, behind Western Sahara and before Tunisia.

Another big surprise, which I discovered by inquiring about sending postcards was the fact that years ago, the us of a abolished its country wide postal device, so in case you need to send mail, you want both a non-public courier or DHL. Tooling round small villages I observed most have no street symptoms, so that you have to marvel how the mail every got added even when the submit office existed. No avenue signs tell me that each one interest in maximum of the u . S . Could be very local where everybody is aware of everybody else.

Probably my largest wonder turned into to analyze that there’s no gadget of public training in Guatemala, meaning kids can handiest attend colleges if their parents can pay to ship them privately.

The maximum thrilling bit of history I discovered become about the connection among Belize (previously British Honduras) and Guatemala. According to our manual, centuries ago, England turned into granted permission to reap lumber (Mahogany) from Guatemala in go back for promising to build roads in Guatemala, however seemingly no longer only did not build roads, however occupied extra land than their permission allowed, and kept it, which later have become called British Honduras. To avoid a disagreement, England granted that occupied territory its independence and it have become called Belize. Today Guatemala intends to appeal to the United Nations to either get better that territory or as a minimum be compensated for its incorrect appropriation by way of England. Time will tell if they’re able to succeed.