There are a number of “needs” that I even have for tweetboard me Google’s future. While I would love primary ranking for all of my vital keywords and terms, however I might be willing to settle for Google acknowledging as a minimum a few of my wishes on the way to gain the hunt community as a whole.

Google commenced out as the beloved child, a fledgling start up that become all coronary heart, and today they’re a “hated” emblem. Why the autumn from grace? In some approaches Google is a sufferer of the too massive, too effective, and too a success discomfort that attacks agencies that acquire a level of fulfillment that few agencies dream of. Now that does not mean that I am giving them a skip, they’ve room to enhance and I truely do not hate them. I just think there is a lot of regions they may enhance.

I sat down and wrote an open letter to Google approximately my needs and goals for his or her future:

Dear Google,

Please don’t forget the following for regions of improvement.

1. Usenet and RSS.

Please, I’m begging, (groveling if it’s going to help) create RSS feeds for Google Groups keyword searches. Think of the price, you could display Usenet for employer or product names the usage of RSS feeds. This could be an extremely clean way for corporations (and Google users) to stay in track with what is being stated on Usenet and in boards about unique subjects.

2. Privacy Policy.

Clarify Google’s privateness policy, and inform me EXACTLY how you’ll use the mixture statistics you acquire. While maximum folks comprehend that the personal facts amassed is of little cost, the mixture data is extremely precious. Google is an extremely effective company, and this collective statistics offers them a big advantage in negotiating acquisitions or determining developments. Many folks appreciate Google, its length and power, but do now not necessarily want to make contributions to Google’s extra growth. Implement a manner for clients wishing to pay a charge, to opt no longer to have their statistics aggregated or tracked.

3. Protect Your Customers.

For goodness sake, don’t make it so clean for people to tear off software program agencies. Why do you recommend cracks or serials at the Google Suggest tool? Please help protect the intellectual property of your customers!

4. Stop Tracking Everything I do!

I login in to Writely (now Google Docs) and feel as if I am being stalked, you screen searches, you display tracking thru analytics, you screen advertising via Google Adwords, you screen money earned as a publisher via Google AdSense, and now you have linked some of the bills collectively. Please give customers a touch privacy, or the capacity to without difficulty manage more than one logins.

5. Tell Me How Much I Make!

Clearly inform publishers what number variety they are able to count on to receive when they serve AdSense on their content material websites. Now, I apprehend that it would vary publisher to publisher, but divulge a selection. Or at the very least, don’t forget adopting a model similar to Amazon’s wherein publishers percentage of sales earned is based on their quantity.