Multi-Jet Water Meter / Water Meter Cost

All You Need To Know About Multi-Jet Water Meters

One of the different types of water meters available these days is a multi-jet water meter. You can get one of these kinds of water meters with an assortment of pulse output options. They are appropriate for a wide range of general and commercial purpose water metering applications.

When it comes to multi-jet water flow meters, they are highly precise in small sizes and are normally brought into play between ½” to 2” sizes for domestic, residential, and small light industrial users. These types of water flow meters are popularly known to have quite a lot of ports neighboring an internal chamber to generate several jets of water aligned with an impeller whose rotational velocity is based on the rate of the flow of water.

Even though, at low flow rates, multi-jet water flow meters are extremely precise, however, they are not appropriate as larger size meters since they do not have the straight-through flow path required for the high rates of flow utilized in larger bulk meters.

Features of Multi-Jet Water Flow Meters

  • They are easy to install since they come with coupling adapters.
  • They come with an integral strainer that guard the meter from damage by particulates.
  • They are designed exclusively for long service life and maintenance-free functionality, even under severe circumstances.
  • They are driven magnetically and hermetically sealed register does not fog or leak and is totally separated from the water.
  • They have got multi-jet design that allows for precision and straightforwardness with wide flow ranges, even in low flow applications.

In addition, a multi-jet water meter comes with an internal strainer that defends the jet ports of the meter from chocking. The external casing and body is usually made of bronze alloy, whereas the internal components are made using modern thermoplastics and stainless steel. Since the load is placed uniformly across the impeller, these types of water meters keep hold of accurateness even at lower flow rates.

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