Marijuana is one of several essential plants that were used during the middle ages. Marijuana has a history all across the world and has been used for medical purposes as well as recreational. Marijuana has been used in ancient rituals and in modern times, for recreational purposes. There is no doubt that marijuana is here to stay, with most of the United States already legalizing it for medical use, and now many states have already passed it for recreational use.

Marijuana is excellent for many reasons, including pain, stress relief, and as a creative outlet. Marijuana has shown some possible health advantages for certain kinds of people. Many plants are used for medical purposes, including the popular peasant plants like Passion Flower, Chili pepper plants, and Aloe Vera. Plants like these are known for their healing powers.

Flavor and Strains

There are many different strains of marijuana and the flavors between them are all vastly different. Flavors like blueberry cush, XXX strains, OG Thunder Fuck, and other popular strains are still in production today. You can find dispensaries in states where Marijuana is legal selling these strains. There are also Terpene manufacturers online offering the extracts to be infused with edibles.

How Did It Get Here?

Many people think that marijuana was first made in heaven, through the burning of good people, saints, and martyrs’. In fact, they were not burnt but instead infused with the plant. Of course, today we know that the cannabis plant is not made in the heavens, but instead, it grows here on earth naturally. While it grows naturally, it is also grown in warehouses, homes, and farms. Marijuana is grown privately and commercially and is available for recreational use on medical use.

Will Legalizing Marijuana Make It A Gateway Drug?

Where is marijuana legal around the world? — Quartz

The effects of marijuana in our communities might be the same, whether it is legal or not. Individuals that consume marijuana now are likely to continue when it is legalized. Those that are interested in trying it, but have shied away from it because it is currently illegal in many states, might circle back and try it out if it’s made legal.

Various studies carried out during many years have shown a connection between people who use marijuana and an increased risk of developing an anxiety disorder. There are also positives to marijuana use in the form of creative thinking and critical thinking in some.

Marijuana Should Still be Considered Dangerous

It is not without its dangers as has been said to be in many recent studies, the most popular gateway drug. In a recent survey,  it was revealed that marijuana and cocaine are now commonly used by a large proportion of Americans. Some studies suggest that 15 to 30 percent of marijuana users have become dependent on cocaine or heroin.

Marijuana Sometimes glorified as a gentle de-stressant and is used in many television programs, especially those viewed by young teenagers. Marijuana has gained popularity and is present in pop culture.