List Of 5 Most Important Farm Equipments For Farming

Since the dawn of the early civilization, humans fed their stomach by doing cultivation on the fertile soils. They used handmade tools to sow the seeds, water the plant, nurture them and to harvest them. The lack of technology in that era never proved to be a hindrance in the path of the farmers who devoted their entire time in growing different kinds of crops.

In the present scenario of agriculture, the technological development has proved to be a blessing for the farmers who spend more than thirteen hours on the field, never caring about the adversities of the climate. Starting from an automatic harvesting machine to weed cutters, numerous agricultural machinery items are now being introduced to the farming community.

Amongst all the new machine pieces, some of them are extremely important which all the farmers must have in order to carry on with a lucrative farm.

Let’s have a look at the five most important farming equipment types.


It is said to be the primal equipment which every single farmer needs, even if he is a small-scale cultivator. The main purpose of the tractor is to haul something behind it that can be a plow or a fertilizer spreader. Usually, the tractors are quite humongous in size, owing to the purpose of the machine. The diesel engine has the large horsepower to give the maximum power output usually powers the automobile.

With the advancement in technology, engineers were able to design different tractors based on individual works in the agricultural field. They are:

  • Implement carrier type tractors which are generally used to implement different agricultural machinery pieces. Because this tractor is meant to carry something else on its back, the chassis in between the front and the rear wheel is elongated to support the hauling force.
  • The orchard tractors are specifically made for the use in the orchards where one can pick the fruits, or trim the leaves while sitting in the tractor itself. Due to this reason, they are made quite high.
  • The rotary tiller type is used in small fields with different elevation height of the land. The blades attached to the tiller are used to pulverize the soil and prepare the seed beds.
  • The utility tractors are mainly used for plowing and carrying other things on its back. It can be termed as a dragger because it pulls different things on its back.

Equipments For Farming


This is one of the most important farm tools, which make the soil perfect for sowing the seed. Before sowing the seeds, the soil needs to be cultivated in a proper way. The topsoil should be loosened so that the layers are thoroughly mixed in order to aerate it properly. In this process, the nutrients are also mixed thoroughly, thus increasing the soil fertility. The various farm equipment exporters in Gujarat have the best quality plows, made from both wood and steel.


Fertilizer spreader is the tool that is used to spread the fertilizers on the fields in equal volumes according to the calibrated value. This tool is not only used for spreading the fertilizers but also for spreading the seeds and other solid materials on the field. They come in various shapes and sizes, thus giving you a wide array of options.


If the soil surface is hard and somewhat rocky, then harrow is used for breaking down the chunks into fine particles. Also, this farming tool is used to smoothen the soil surface, thus making the height of the seedbed similar. The only difference that it has with the plow is the depth of the tillage. Harrows can go deeper down the soil and hence they help in loosening up the rocky layers. The different harrow suppliers in India export the four main types of harrow.

Equipments For Farming


This agricultural tool is used to harvest the crops. They perform reaping, threshing, and winnowing, and hence they are known as the combine harvester.