Keeping Your Employees Happy Can Mean Bigger Profits

Epsilon Electronics Inc. cares about their employees. This is why they take pride in making sure their well being is taken care of and one of the major ways they ensure this is by avoiding and managing stress. There are two major ways of managing stress.


First way is to turning stress into fuel for athleticism in a working environment. There is research suggesting that if a person can properly diet and exercise can strengthen ones body and mind during stressful events or periods. Epsilon Electronics Inc. have built a gym and a cafeteria to help their workers through this process. Before or after a working hours, employees have access to standard gym equipment along with proper facilities for showering and changing. Also, the cafeteria has a wonderful team to provide homemade meals and snacks for the employees and majority of the food is quite fresh. Except pasta or sweet potato fries, they have a supplier from a local whole seller; which probably isn’t frozen for months on end.

The other way to transform stress is by managing their tasks by breaking it down to smaller elements where it helps to facilitate their goal achievement, which helps them to keep them motivated. This concept of engaging in a singular task is called FLOW. It’s a psychological term to define a mental state where the person is completely engulfed in an activity. It’s the state of mind in which an individual feels strong, attentive and total control.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. strong believes in order to create FLOW, the employees, whether it’s a manager or a worker, need to feel challenged, meaningful, competent and have choice. A challenging task can help to keep an employee focused and will require them to work a little harder to achieve. Meaningful tasks help them to keep motivated by feeling important. Competence is when they have the appropriate skills in order to complete the specific task and choice helps by allowing them to make important decisions and add value to their work or ideas.

Another resource Epsilon Electronics Inc. provides their employees are social support networks and team building activities. They have groups at work where employees can join and share their stressful problems either from work or from their personal life. The team building activities consist of a company ball hockey and bowling team; which occurs on Sundays. Also, once a year, they have activities such as company paintball or hiking expedition trips to incorporate any new employee into the team and create lasting working relationships.