Is Uber Encouraging Poor Drinking Habits in Joliet

Alcohol Use and Abuse on the Rise in the United States Today: A Pretty Serious Issue for All Involved

Sadly, alcohol abuse and addiction has been going up and in a big way too.  The issue has worsened time and time again and has shown no real sign of getting any better any time soon either. The problem just worsens time and time again with no real hint, sign, or indication of it getting any better any time soon either.  Something needs to change about this pretty quickly though, or else the situation will become an actual epidemic instead. With this being said, the drug rehab in Joliet is now in place to reduce the amount of alcohol abuse in the nation. For example:

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  • More than eight out of ten teenagers and their parents said illegal drugs are a major problem for teenagers nationally.  This is the truth too, with drugs being a bigger problem with the teen population now than ever before.  In fact, an overwhelming majority of teenagers and their parents agreed that alcohol use is a greater problem than the use of other drugs.  Furthermore, studies also show that six out of ten teenagers said at least some students at their schools use drugs. Among high school students, the number was to eight out of ten.
  • Treatment is 15-17 times more effective than prison, studies show. For every crime that incarceration would eliminate, treatment would eliminate 15, because so many criminals are in prison for drug or alcohol abuse-related charges.  Treatment at a substance addiction Joliet center gets to the bottom of the reason why the individual is a substance abuser and why he or she committed those crimes related to substance abuse that got him or her into prison in the first place.  Treatment addresses and handles this properly.

How Uber and Other Service Industries Might be Encouraging Alcohol Abuse

Companies like Uber that offer rides for people have made it much, much easier for individuals to drink copious amounts of alcohol and still be able to go places that they want to go to.  This has been very helpful in urban and rural areas alike where a taxi service is not available.  These services have helped good honest people a lot, but they sadly have also made it very easy for substance abusers to abuse their substances and still be able to get around town. Referring anyone you know to a drug rehab Joliet can do the nation justice and will reduce the amount of drug and alcohol abuse in the nation.

This has been a critical issue in places like Joliet.  This is a town and urban area that, thanks to how bad drug and alcohol abuse is there, has been patrolled a lot lately by police looking for drunk or drugged drivers.  The easy way to get around this while still being able to abuse substances is of course to hire Uber.  To address this, Uber drivers themselves could find a way to take their own responsibility on an individual to individual basis.