A pet franchise is the perfect way to combine your love of pets with a business opportunity. If you’ve noticed over the last ten years, the pet industry has grown by leaps and bounds. People everywhere want to give their pets the star treatment. Whether you’re looking for a pet service business like a  https://www.petsblog.org/ parlor, or are interested in a pet related retail business that sells pet accessories, being involved with pets is certainly a smart business move.

Pets are profitable simply because there are so many people who have them.

Did you know…

* 69 million households in the United States have pets?
* 47% of pet owners own more than one pet?
* Over 60% of pet owners have dogs?
* $41 Billion is spent each year on the care of pets?

It’s no wonder that owning a pet franchise business is so popular. No matter what type of pet business you’d like to start, there’s a franchise that will help you meet your goals. Some of the main categories for pet franchise businesses include pet waste removal, boarding and daycare, medical care, pet training and pet grooming.

You may have never thought about pet waste removal being a profitable business model. But considering the fact that keeping waste off the ground is environmentally friendly, and a definite concern for pet owners, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular franchise. Since 2000, Doody Calls has been an industry leader in pet waste removal, providing services to apartment complexes, parks, home owners associations and individual home owners. Doody Calls looks for people who are willing to hit the ground running with their business and be able to do something many others ignore. There’s never an end to pet waste, and with this unique franchise opportunity you can profit from it.

On the cleaner side of pet franchise opportunities are pet grooming companies. Dog Wash America is just one such company. Instead of creating an image of exclusivity for high-end pets, it caters to multi-dog families and has a unique “no appointment needed for a bath” policy. Other popular dog grooming opportunities include Aussie Pet Mobile, Dogtopia and Laund-ur-mutt. Grooming is always needed and these types of franchises allow you to provide a service that pet owners will really appreciate.

Everyone wants well behaved pets, so it’s not surprising that pet training franchises are growing in popularity. Bark Busters has been around since 1989 and is the largest, most trusted home training company. Instead of trying to get a dog to behave in an unfamiliar environment, as a Bark Busters trainer you’ll help pet owners tackle problem behavior in the comfort of the pet’s home. This approach yields quicker results and more satisfied clients. If you have a high tolerance for problem pets and an honest desire to help pet owners, this franchise or another lie it may be a perfect fit.

These three profiled companies just scratch the surface of the pet franchise opportunities. For pet lovers like you, there’s a lot of different ways you can combine your interests with your business. Whether it’s a grooming business, retail business or pet daycare business you’re interested in, there is a perfect pet business for you.