How to Travel For Drastically Reduced Prices

In modern times, the price of travel has been on the gentle rise and does not look to come back down in too much of a hurry in the foreseeable future. This added with the increasing price of fuel, means that travel to foreign destinations is becoming harder and harder for the average person to be able to afford. And even those who always have travelled a lot are finding it harder and harder to go a long way on less dollars.

Also having the onset of the World Wide Web and the spread of people who are learning about the industry and becoming their own online travel agents, and even taking that a step further to help others by becoming an online travel agent as a business, the airlines and travel booking agencies that once ruled the industry, are losing their foothold as industry leaders and are having to resort to using tactics and tightly held secrets to maximise their profits on the flights they do fill.

Thankfully, though, for us who do not know a lot about the industry, all has been revealed in an incredible new guide that exposes hundreds of the industry’s best kept and used secrets, allowing the airlines and travel agencies to make a fortune through our Blackcockshock.

In his guide, titled “Save On Airfare Secrets”, Tony Morrison, an ex worker in the industry who was fired for reasons that Tony disapproves of, has revealed all of the insider secrets that the airlines and booking agencies use to make as much money as possible at the travellers expense! Not only does Tony reveal hundreds of the industry’s best kept secrets but he also shows you firsthand how you can become an online travel agent yourself and, using the tactics and resources revealed in his guide, become a giant competitor, quickly and easily.

For an idea of what Tony’s guide can teach you, the following paragraphs outline just a handful of the things that you can learn from “Save On Airfare Secrets”, taken from the hundreds that are revealed within the guide.

Tony reveals how you can manipulate the airline companies’ ticket pricing computer systems to give you thousands of dollars in discounts on your ticket price. In fact, Tony says he once had a customer who was purchasing a ticket for US$1143 and that by using Tony’s techniques, was able to reduce the cost of the ticket to just US$143.

In his guide, Tony also reveals to us a crafty little trick we can apply to our own names that can result in savings of thousands of dollars, as well as showing you why. As well as this, Tony explains how he has personally made, and continues to make, incredible amounts of money from 1 week trips to any country of the world he chooses!

Tony also shows us a lot of the more mundane and down to earth systems that the airlines use to get the job done, and that are little known, and also how they can be exploited to provide the traveller with maximum gains instead of the airlines.

Also, being an industry insider at one stage, Tony reveals to us the little tricks and tactics we can use when speaking with a travel agent, to ensure that we get dirt cheap tickets that the public are never told are possible. There are many deals and savings that only travel agents in the industry are told about, that can be benefited from, and Tony reveals them all.

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