How to Make Your Food Appear More Attractive

You might be scrolling down your social media account and find some really eye-catching pictures of food carefully placed in the platter and some colorful sidelines and other things organized carefully. If you are a food stylist or food photographer, you must be aware about the importance of adding more style to your food ingredients and the entire food presentation.

The basic idea behind all this effort is to make the food look more appealing and delicious to ignite your taste buds and you don’t resist your appetite and place the order. This is one of the reasons that you can look around so many pictures of juicy burgers, salads and other cuisines on the menu or on the walls of your favorite restaurant and they appear more attractive than the actual food. Food stylists put in a lot of effort to create so attractive pictures for restaurants and different food-related businesses. You can have a look at such attractive food in videos as well. Have a look at a cooking show promo or intro videos on shows that air on Spectrum TV and you might get an idea about what we are talking about. Let’s have a look at the different ways that you can create your homemade food to appear more attractive.

Choose a Dish of a Neutral Size

Many high-profile restaurants put a lot of time and thinking while designing their cutlery and crockery. This makes it compulsory for photographers and food stylists to put more thought process while going for using napkins, silverware and glasses. This helps them create different pictures and styles for varied foods and delicacies. This might not be possible for home-based businesses and you might have to use one or two sets of plates. To get this done, put food in a number of plates or platters so that the food appears to be in abundance and leave some room between the edge of the plate and the food. If you are using bigger plates, the quantity might not look enough.

Use White Plates

Have a look at the different food pictures served on a plate. You will notice that they use white color plates and other utensils while the other parts of the plate might have mute colors. This is because using some other colored plate might defuse the color of the food and it might not look as attractive as it should. You can find such plates easily at a thrift store at a very affordable price.

Place the Food to Be In Ample Quantity

Food appears more pretty when it is shown delicious and in ample quantity when it is cooked fresh. For instance, people often respond to order food that has bright green herbs, more colorful dressing and many other variants along with the actual food. To make it appear in good quantity, you can show food as piled up rather than spread out. You can take pancake as an example. People find pancakes piled up or placed partly over the other. Also, you can improve your composition and apply the rule of three so that your picture has some items that available in odd numbers. Also, make sure that your platter doesn’t seem uneven or crowded.

Make Sure Your Platter Is Even

This is something that is overlooked by many home-based food businesses yet it is one of the simplest things to do. When you have placed the food on your dish but slightly before you garnish your food, give your plates a wipe with a clean towel. This will erase fingerprints or food fragments that spoil your picture.

Be Creative and Garnish Your Food Well

Your food might taste amazing but it has to attract the eye of the customers or the guests coming for a dinner. It adds another layer of appeal to your food. It also shows the enthusiasm of the host or the chef that he or she has to serve you. To get this done, you can be as creative and as poetic as possible. There are a lot of ways to get inspiration while garnishing your food.

To Conclude

We can conclude here by saying that your food might be fresh, has the best quality ingredients and the most authentic recipes but things are different when it comes to attracting a potential customer. Customers these days look for food pictures and other variables before even ordering the food or reserving a table at your restaurant. For home-based businesses and restaurants, it is very important to create attractive social media posts and for that consider the steps mentioned above.

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