How Blue Light Can Affect Your Long Term Health With Payne Glasses

Are you attached to your phone? Let me answer that question for you: yes! While most people are attached to their phone, many do not understand the damage it is doing to their eyes. In a recent California study, researchers found that later Millennials, now being called “Generation i” spend over two hours of time on their phones a day. That does not include the time that they spend in front of the TV or on other devices. According to experts at Payne Glasses, an online store that specializes in blue light transition glasses, blue light can be very harmful to the eye. Blue light happens on a scale from blue-turquoise shades to blue-violet shades. While blue-turquoise shades are not harmful, blue-violet shades can cause harm immediately and long-term. This blue-violet light is exactly what is given off by technology and devices. Not only can it cause fatigue and strain on one’s eyes, overexposure and long-term exposure can cause loss of vision later on.

Unfortunately, blue-violet light is everywhere. It is inside and outside. It is given off by devices and even by the sun says Payne Glasses. Do you want to know why the sky appears blue? Not because it is actually blue. The blue-violet light that is emitted from eh sun gives off that impression. Did you know that being outside, you can be exposed to 100 time to 500 times more harmful blue light than on your devices inside. Nonetheless, the combination of both is what becomes extremely harmful for the eyes over time. Squinting is the body’s way of protecting itself from the intensity of the sun’s blue-violet light. As you can see, there is not escaping the blue-violet light harm.

What can you do to protect yourself?

There are a variety of actions you can take to protect yourself according to blue light transition glasses experts at Payne Glasses. You can reduce your exposure to LED lights and device screens. By reducing your time spent on these screens, you can do yourself a long term favour. Additionally, use blue light transition glasses when you go outside! Although the sun boosts most people’s mood and feels good, your eyes do not like it! Protect your eyes so you do not suffer long-term!