Touchbio is one of the leading companies of the sector in the field of hygiene. The hand sanitiser produced by the company, which is one of the most preferred products, has a considerable degree of protection. Although the hand sanitiser New Zealand , clinical trials are conducted in Australia.

Hand sanitiser is available in two forms as foam and liquid. Depending on the usage area or preference, either one can be preferred. Because the protection feature is at the same level in both. Hand sanitiser New Zealand is a product manufactured in NZ that provides up to 24 hours of protection in a single use. It shows high antibacterial properties against many bacteria and viruses, preventing contamination seriously. In addition to killing bacteria and viruses on the hand, it also prevents the transmission of viruses and bacteria on touched surfaces.

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Although manufactured and offered for sale in the Hand sanitiser New Zealand region, the products are researched and developed in Australia. Touchbio hand sanitiser has passed the protection tests stipulated by many countries such as the European Union, England and America with a high success rate. It also has MPI food safety approval from New Zealand.

The product kills harmful bacteria and viruses at a rate 99,99%. It has also been subjected to dermatological tests and has been proven to not cause any allergic reaction. It provides cleaning, has a protective effect and has a great success in moisturizing the skin. Moreover, due to its content, it is not harmful to children and pets.

Touchbio’s hand disinfectant products are offered for sale at affordable prices on its website. Moreover, foam and gel options are also available. You can choose the product that suits you according to your needs and preferences, and complete your shopping quickly and reliably on the site.