In addition to expert knowledge, it is above all precise measuring values which are needed for the comprehensive evaluation and correct regulation of a refrigeration or air conditioning system. And it is right here that Testo’s digital refrigeration measuring technology has been proving its worth for years:

– Far more precise measurement results with more consistent accuracy than with analog manifolds
– Ongoing updates of refrigerants
– Automatic calculation of crucial system parameters

When you measure with a digital manifold:

– you have all refrigeration and air conditioning systems under control.
– improve efficiency and ecological balance sheet of your systems.
– increase your customers’ satisfaction.
– avoid unnecessary servicing work.
– work in an efficient and forward-looking way using digital measuring technology.

Automatic refrigerant updates

Simply switch on and measure: Up to 60 common refrigerants are already stored ex works in a digital manifold.

Intuitive measurement menus

Automatic calculation: Evaporation and condensation temperature, along with superheating and subcooling. No more error-prone manual calculations.
Optimized operation: User-oriented measurement menus guide you through the measurement efficiently and conveniently.

Source from Testo SMI: Singapore Malaysia Indonesia.

Find the ideal manifold for refrigeration technology

No matter whether it is a 2-way manifold, a refrigeration technology manifold with comprehensive features or the Testo Smart Probes with smartphone operation: which instrument is right for you always depends on your requirements.