Fast Phased Technology

As the world evolves on its own axis. The earth also revolves by different types of technologies. From the Mobile Industry to the Surgery field. Some wanted to get their noses done. Some wanted bigger boobs and better buttocks. Some wanted to have additional eyelids and many more. But on this article , we will tell you the benefits of having an implanted testicles.

Common Reasons Undergoing Surgery

Men who have problems on getting the confidence of getting naked in front of someone or even having sex or suffer from a disease that leads to a completely destruction of the testicles , A surgery on a certain part of their manhood is one of the best solution. But according to different surgeons, one of the main reasons why men wanted to undergo on this kind of surgery is because of infertility.

“The Bigger the testicle, the higher chances on increasing sperm.” Said by Dr. James Elist, surgeon who implemented the “Elist Testicular Enlargement Surgery”.

But on most research and studies, the assurance of getting higher and large number of sperm on a men’s body is still not proven. It is a procedure which is called “Injecting Testosterone”. Way too different from the Testicular Enlargement Surgery.

This surgery will undergo to a 45 -60 minutes procedure. Check out more on testicular enlargement surgery in this site.

On the other hand, most men who wanted to undergo this kind of surgery are from the LGBT (Lesbian, Gays, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) community. It just shows that the main reason for this kind of surgery is purely an enhancement of once confidence, self esteem and psychological well being and for better sex experience.

Risk and Side Effects of the Surgery

According to the , the benefit of having big and greater balls has a lot to do with men’s outlook in life. But undergoing an operation like this might take a lot of risk. Once the person took this kind of surgery, they might experience discomfort during the first 24 hours and until the next day. They are also not allowed to take the bandage off to the scrotum and needs to stay there for days. The healing process might took for days but rest assured that it will be healed in no time. Just don’t drink alcohol, smoke or any other medications.