Synthetic Ice

Are Slick Tiles Like Ice?

Another type of popular hockey flooring is dryland slick tiles. There are quite a few different types of hockey flooring that you can install either in your home or wherever that will give you the best training and playing experience that you could hope for. However, not all hockey flooring types are the same, nor are they created equally. Dryland hockey flooring generally does not act like ice. Yet, when it comes to slick tile flooring, it is a different story. Let’s take a closer look at what the differences are.

Slick Tile Hockey Flooring

Slick tile hockey flooring is a product that is manufactured by the hockey champions at Sniper’s Edge Hockey. These tiles are like dryland flooring in the sense that they can be installed and used to practice or play in either tennis shoes or inline skates. The difference with slick tiles is that they have an extra layer of slickness built into the plastic that they are made out of that will allow for players to practice or play with regulation hockey pucks. The slickness within the tiles will allow pucks to slide across the surface much like they would as if they were sliding across traditional ice, or synthetic ice.

Slick tiles are very versatile and will entertain pucks, biscuits or balls for practice or games. They are durable, long-lasting, and will remain slick for years to come. They can be installed indoors, but they are not recommended for outdoor installation because the sun can damage them after a while.

Dryland Hockey Flooring

When it comes to dryland hockey flooring not all brands and manufacturers are alike. However, unless it is specifically stated that it is slick flooring, you can bank on the fact that it will not be slick. Hockey tiles that were designed to have a slick surface will be made with a special ingredient that allows them to be slick and to stay that way. This doesn’t mean that typical dryland flooring is not good, it just means that you won’t be able to practice with pucks the way that you can on slick tile flooring.

Dryland flooring can be used to build Dek hockey courts where you play with balls and sneakers or inline skates.

Slick Tiles and Ice Tiles

Another type of flooring that hockey players love to use is synthetic ice. Although synthetic ice and slick tiles are very similar, there are some very big differences between the two. Since slick tiles were created to be an improved version of dryland flooring they are not built for ice skates. Although they are slick enough for hockey pucks, they will not accommodate the blades for ice skates, nor allow for ice skating at all. Synthetic ice was invented so that people could ice skate in all weather conditions, year-round. Dryland slick tiles are much softer and made for a different purpose. You can use inline skates on dryland flooring, but not ice skates. You can use ice skates on synthetic ice panels, but you can not use inline skates. Huge differences.


As for slick tiles being like ice, the answer is: not quite. Although there is a slick coating on them that will allow things to glide across the surface very much like they were on the ice, this kind of flooring is not built for ice skating or ice hockey. Although it is not like ice in the sense that you can’t ice skate on it, it is built to last and provide years of training and fun.

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