5 Ways to Make Your Office Space More Functional

5 Ways to Make Your Office Space More Functional

The office environment is evolving. As market demands and changing work patterns force businesses to rethink the typical office, real estate experts are assisting their clients in discovering the numerous benefits that go beyond cost savings. According to studies, a more effective, “right-sized” workplace can help recruit and retain top talent by increasing productivity, increasing employee contentment, and boosting employee satisfaction. The move toward mobile working also corresponds with a more streamlined approach to real estate.


We’ve found a few important locations in your office where you can “right-size” your space:


Companies can simply reorganize space to meet different demands with flexible, modular furniture, and a variety of seating options give comfort. Soft casual seating and a variety of workstation designs are available, ranging from standard and benching to standing, treadmill, and bicycle.


A dependable infrastructure with quick and easy communication is essential, and video conferencing technologies enable employees to meet online, eliminating the need for enormous conference rooms that are rarely used. Employees may work from practically anywhere thanks to mobile devices, cloud computing, and other software and technology breakthroughs. Furthermore, replacing traditional file storage rooms with secure digital storage provides a long-term solution while drastically reducing the amount of space required.

Removal of the Allotted Area

5 Tips to Make the Office Space More Functional - Interior Concepts

The movement toward a right-sized workplace has been influenced by the introduction of universal office sizes and the acceptance of remote work. Designated space is increasingly commonly acknowledged as a waste of money, with many firms finding that an 80/20 balance of open seating vs. assigned work settings saves significant space without affecting work quality. Collaborative space uses less space than separate offices and encourages innovation and collaboration. Employees appreciate having the freedom to work how and where they want.

Getting Ready for the Future

Because of the high cost of real estate, enabling remote work and utilizing space to save occupancy costs is a wise business decision. Right-sizing real estate achieves more than just a rent decrease for forward-thinking businesses. With a more engaged and productive workforce, they are seeing an improvement in performance and innovation.

Spaces for Meetings

One of the most important factors to consider while seeking to maximize and improve space efficiency. Many businesses are abandoning traditional conference rooms in favor of multi-purpose venues, virtual meetings, or using public conference rooms in buildings or hotels. Mix meeting and collaboration spaces based on your company’s regular meeting and work patterns, from phone booths and huddle rooms to rooms that can be modified and adjustable, to create a range of places and sizes.

Common Areas Have Been Improved.

Where you might be able to save money on leased square footage per employee, the trend toward improved common areas might occasionally make up for it. Breakroom features like expensive coffee machines, game rooms, and grab-and-go kiosks are becoming increasingly popular. A building with a diverse range of amenities, such as fitness centers, food vendors, and concierge services, not only attracts tenants in a competitive labor market but also adds to a positive corporate culture.