On the hunt for ideas about using a high-performing gallery plugin? As a beginner to , you might feel confused about how to use a gallery plugin to its full potential. To help you understand, here are 20 unique ideas for Image Gallery Plugin.

#1 Creating multiple galleries: Who said that you can create only one image gallery with the gallery plugin? You can use the gallery plugin to create multiple galleries for different purposes. You can use these galleries either for different sites that you run or for a single site

#2 Customizing Templates: Indeed, the gallery plugin comes with multiple pre-designed gallery templates with amazing layouts. But there is no hard and fast rule that you have to use a certain type of gallery template. Instead, use your innovativeness to customize the template designs.

#3 Using Full-Screen Lightbox Effect: Using a lightbox is pretty common these days. How to innovate the basic lightbox functionality? You can use the lightbox feature to let your audience view the original image as full screen with a single click. This automatically fades out the background and makes the image look bold and bright.

#4 Image Optimization: Use the image optimizer plugin before uploading an image in any blog post or gallery. This helps reduce the site’s load time while your images get compressed and resized without downgrading their original quality.

#5 Incorporating VideosAnimation Effects: Uploading only images in the gallery is pretty common and boring. You can elevate your image gallery by incorporating cool 2D and 3D video animation effects. You can even add interesting audio in the background and draw the attention of the visitors easily.

#6 Using Hover Effects: Hover Effects let you change the appearance of your image gallery by changing its graphical interface. The Gallery Plugin comes with pre-made hover effects from which you can choose the right effect and use it in your image gallery.

#7 Inverting Colors: Who says that only bold and bright colors can draw the attention of the public? Inverting colors look equally attention-seeking when used right. You can use inverting colors to change the background of your portfolio images and give your image gallery a fresh look.

#8 Adding Tags and Titles: While you upload a picture in the gallery, use the plugin features to add unique titles and tags. Not just it help the audience to understand the purpose of the post but makes your gallery look lively and relatable.

#9 Using SEO Tools: Alongside using the image optimizer plugin, use effective SEO tools to improve your website rankings.

#10 Utilizing Media Gallery: comes with a free Media Gallery. If you need additional space for your images, then use the media gallery as additional storage.

#11 Lazy Loading: While uploading images in bulk, the gallery plugin enables the lazy loading feature. This helps to keep your site performance maintained so that the site doesn’t slow down during uploading.

#12 One-Click Gallery Page Creation: You can use the gallery plugin to create multiple gallery pages with one click. You can decide how many photos you want to display on each page and change the photo order with the help of a drag-and-drop builder.

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#13 Image Border Customization: You can change the appearance of the photo thumbnails by changing the border colors, border width, and rounding the corners. This helps your image gallery look as unique as stylish.

#14 Instant Gallery Previews: While making changes in your image gallery, you can preview them with the previous version. As you can check gallery previews in real-time, it saves your time and effort to understand which one looks better.

#15 Use Shortcodes: You can incorporate shortcodes in your blogs and posts that will redirect the viewer to the image gallery. This is a great way to give your visitors an option to click and visit the image gallery.

#16 Add Loading Icons: You can add unique loading icons with the help of the image optimizer plugin. So when your site’s page will take a few seconds to load, the loading icon will be on display.

#17 Advanced Thumbnailing: It is important to change the image thumbnails from time to time to improve the gallery performance.

#18 Using CSS or JavaScript: You can use different CSS or JavaScript developed by you to create a unique image gallery for your audience.

#19 Incorporating Social Media: Other than maintaining an Image Gallery, you should post images from your photo gallery on social media. From time to time, share the best of your works on Facebook and Instagram.

#20 Taking Image Backups: While creating a image gallery with the help of the plugin, it’s important to keep backups of all images and photos. In this way, you don’t have to bother about losing an important piece of work.