10 Ideas To Make Your Baby Girl Happy

Start making your girl happy at a young age. Young ones appreciate positive gestures, such as cute baby girl clothes, just like adults. If you get the right thing for them, they will grow up happy, much to your joy as a parent. Here are ten ideas to make her happy.

Get Her Some New Clothes

Get her some cute baby girl clothes. Children beyond one year of age know how to appreciate some good clothing. Experiment with colours until you find their favourite colours. However, the baby must be at least two years old to select their favourite colour.

Add Her Toys on a Regular Basis

Apart from baby girl clothes, toys are some of the baby’s most treasured possessions. Spoil her by getting her some nice toys after a while. Toys for girls range from dolls to traditionally boy items such as lego and railroad trucks. Let her experience the best of two worlds.

Take Her Out for a Treat

Young girls also love to see the world, especially when they celebrate their second birthday. Take them out to see the big, amazing world. It can be as close as the park near home, for dinner, or on a vacation. They will return home happy and energized.

Spend Some Quality Time With Her

Spending time with your child is one way to make them happy. It helps you both and they feel secure around you. Find time regularly in your tight schedule to spend time with the girl, play her games and enjoy her chatter.

Say Her Name As Much as Possible

Make it a habit to call them by name. Not only does it increase her self-awareness, but it also makes her feel loved. You will find that she reacts differently when you call her by her name as opposed to any other name you have nicknamed her.

Answer as Many Queries as You Are Asked

After the age of two, the girl will be inquisitive. Make sure you answer as many questions as you can in the best way you can. The child will always ask questions if you can answer them. They will enjoy spending time with you to answer queries.

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Teach Her to Say Things

When she starts to talk, teach her to say simple words, such as mom, papa, auntie, depending on your native language. A child who is spoken to a lot gets to talk a lot faster than those who spend lots of time alone. She will also enjoy talking to you.

Inspire Her Curiosity by Asking Simple Questions

As they grow to the age of three and beyond, start asking them questions when they are with you. Let them answer their name, their brothers, sisters, parents and their treasured toys. They will derive joy from getting to know several things that you ask them.

Give them Time to be Themselves

Give them some time to play with their toy alone, draw and just be themselves. The space is important to help them ‘digest’ what they have been taught and learn a few things on their own. They could spend the time in their rooms or on the couch in the living room, undisturbed.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a joy for any child. It not only encourages them to keep improving, but it also brings them joy when they are recognized. Always show gratitude when they succeed in something, even as little as saying their names.