How To Diet For Muscles

In maintaining the bodybuilder’s health and shape food plays an important role and a good diet has to be part of the bodybuilder’s life as well as the practice. Muscles are strongly related to a healthy diet. It seems that when your muscles work at moderate capacity and special processes intervene most of the energy is provided by proteins. When performing a demanding activity, such as weight training, our muscles work at first with carbs and then after a while, when it adapts and receives more oxygen, it switches on fats. Proteins only represent a 3% source of energy for our muscles but proteins can be also lost throw sweat. The role of proteins is to assure a good shape but in case of a carb-fat insufficiency they can also have an energetic role. It is considered that a diet has to be adequate to the type of sport someone is performing. For example a boxer has other nutritional needs than a runner. Studies show that speed athletes have to eat food that is rich in fats but poor in proteins.

A healthy diet is an important part of the bodybuilder’s biological preparing. Nutrition has to assure not only a source of energy but the growth of endurance and it also increases the body’s speed to adapt; another important role of nutrition is maintaining the bodybuilder’s weight.

We distinguish three types of diets for any bodybuilder: diet during training, the diet during competition and the recovery diet. The most important diet is the diet during your training. Its efficiency is not only the energetic value but esthetic too. 55% carbs a day represent the optimum amount but increasing this percent will lead to digestive problems, overweight and lack of vitamin B1. On the other hand a poor carb diet means a rich fat diet and this fact represents a lot of disadvantages. Proteins must be no more than 15% because when they are increased our body destroys them and this increases the liver function leading to hepatitis.

For a right muscular activity animal proteins must be in a higher quantity than vegetable proteins. The optimum proportion of fats is 30%. Along with the energy they give, they also maintain the heart muscle healthy. Bodybuilder’s diet has to be rich in vitamins. We know that our body never uses the excess vitamins and it eliminates them so there’s no harm if you eat more vitamins. The other type of diet is the competition diet; this involves a special meal plan during competition. It is more important to eat more calories in the training diet than when you are in competition; your muscles won’t grow and you won’t become stronger, actually your metabolism might get slower and you will have to exercise more to avoid gaining weight; exercising more can lead to exhaustion and this is not a great thing during competition.

Before competition it is best to eat some glucose because during effort it is easier absorbed. Last meal must be served 3 hours before competition. Avoid aliments which lead to digestive problems such as: pork, lamb, sausages, salted fish, mayonnaise, mushrooms, beer and fats. During practice it is recommended to avoid weight fluctuations as they make your body more vulnerable to different affections and your metabolism slower. The recover diet is mostly based on vegetables or fruits; this diet cleans your body. After a competition and a diet rich in proteins and fats, your body may lack vitamins and antioxidants. Following this diet for a few days will give you the boost of energy and vitamins to continue that hard work every bodybuilder has to have. You shouldn’t eat only vegetable and fruits; 10% proteins are recommended in your daily meals if you don’t want to lose muscular mass. For a variety muscle building recipes checkout the best bodybuilding cookbook.

After following this diet for a while you should switch to your normal diet based mostly on proteins but from time to time is healthy to eat a few more carbs than proteins or fats. Make sure that all the food you eat is fresh and has no chemicals. A lot of food contains chemicals which can cause cancer or other affections. When you buy something you should look at the label and check if it’s fresh, not only you will be healthier but you can also avoid poisoning. Avoid “diet” products; they also contain chemicals and may damage your health. A study shows that your body cannot distinguish a diet coke from a normal coke and it processes it the same as it processes the normal coke. Also diet products make you crave more for sugar because you want to trick your body and not give it sugar; the body searches for sugar but finds none so it wants to make you eat sugar, this is why we all want more and more sugar when we eat diet products.


I once followed a diet which restricted me from any sugar; I had to drink diet coke to stop my hunger for sugar, after a while I realize that I was doing a lot of damage to my stomach and the diet coke made me feel very bad. I stopped drinking it and after 3 or 4 days I was no longer craving for sugar. What I want to say is that when you don’t taste anything sweet or eat fruits after a while, you won’t even feel the difference or crave for that chocolate because your body adapts to anything. If you want something sweet try some fruits and avoid eating something which promises a great taste and no sugar. Avoid soda and mineral water because it will make you feel very stuffed and keep you from practicing well. Try to replace those with a protein shake or some home made juice; take a few oranges and make a great tasty, rich in vitamins drink. When you adopt bodybuilding as a lifestyle you have to know if you are healthy so go to the doctor regularly because you may be having high cholesterol after a rich protein diet or a low level of sugar in your blood and these analyses can help you adopt a diet which will prevent other illnesses.

Also check you blood pressure every two weeks to avoid any heart diseases because a bodybuilder’s heart has to put up with a lot of effort. If you eat right, check your doctor from time to time and exercise well you will become a bodybuilder in no time(not exactly no time but let’s say it’s easier).